Frequently asked questions

How many lessons can i do in a week? or how many hours?

Depends on the availability of your instructor, normally you will be able to take at least 2 hours.

How many hours of tuition I would need o have before I start learning maneuvers with the instructor.

The normal steps would be moving off and stopping after control lesson then junctions turning left and right, then the 3 point turn (Turn in the road) or other manouvers , but there would be times when instructor would introduce other subject early, depending on where the learner lives, to deal with them in order to drive from home.

So in brief there is no set number of driving lessons before you start manouvers, also you need to take into consideration your ability and circumstances including how regularly your sessions with the instructor are and all these factors contribute to the amount of progress you make, and don't forget to keep your driver's record up to date.

What do I need before starting or booking driving lessons?

Currently in the UK you have to be 17 years of age to obtain a provisional licence to drive a car or ride a motorcycle - unless in receipt of a full disability allowance, when you can obtain a provisional licence at the age of 16 years. You must be in possession of a provisional driving licence before you will be able to drive on a public road. You can obtain a licence application form D1 from any main post office.fill the form in put two passport type photos and a chq for £45 send it of to dvla swansea for more info go to my links page

What is the minimum age you can take a test?

The earliest date your provisional can become valid is your 17th birthday.

Are your Instructors licensed to teach driving?

All our driving instructors are registered with the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency). This guarantees good quality instruction and service.

The DVSA monitor all registered driving schools and driving instructors. These are continually graded at regular intervals.

The DVSA is the government appointed body that controls the driving schools industry.

What will i do on my first driving lesson?

The first lesson should be a 2 hour lesson so you are familliar with the car and all the controls also so you can actually get to do some moving off and stoping.

Your instructor will ask to see your license and check your eye sight by asking you to read a registration plate at a distance of about 20 meters.

Can I take my driving test in a vehicle fitted with an automatic gearbox?

Yes, but when you pass your practical driving test in an automatic this will be the only type of vehicle that you will be entitled to drive. Whereas if you pass your practical driving test in a vehicle which has a manual gearbox you are then entitled to drive both automatic or manual gearbox vehicles unaccompanied.

Can I start driving lessons before passing my theory test?

Yes, you can, and probably should, as the practical experience will help you understand the questions and answers contained in the theory test. Likewise what you study for the theory test will also be very helpful in your practical lessons.

Do you know where i can get cheap car insurance so i can go out with my mum as well and practise?

Try going to Insurance For Learner Drivers you can get good deals on insurance daily rates and weekly give it a try .


Do driving test centres have numbers of people they will pass?

All examiners are trained to carry out the test to the same standard, they do not have pass or fail quotas. So as long as you demonstrate the standard required you will pass your driving test.