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Eastend driving lessons are fun and easy to follow. Learn at your own pace and learn everything you need to pass your driving test and become a safe and confident driver for life. Earning a Uk full drivers license should be straightforward. We know your goal is to get in the driver’s seat as soon as possible and with as little hassle as possible. We can help you, with Eastend driving lessons, the road, and your freedom are just a few clicks away.


Staring to learn to drive

Staring to learn to drive is a big step in life that you shouldn’t delay in. Driving licence gives the freedom to move around independently, opens more doors for a good career. If you are looking to start to learn then don’t delay anymore. We have various driving course for beginners.

Our driving course for beginners is designed for people who have not ever driven before. If you are worried about not knowing anything about driving then don’t worry as You are not the only one; most people who start to learn to drive start from very beginning. Our beginner course will start from the very basic. In your first driving lesson our driving instructor will go through all the controls in the car and explain to you what each control does, how to use them and even explain when to use it and how all works.

You will also get some time to practice each control to give you a good understanding of the controls. After your first lesson you will have a good understanding of all the controls in the car and what to do with it. From there we will slowly build your knowledge of driving and before you know in about 6 to 8 lessons you will be driving in the quiet roads. We will slowly build your confidence in driving and will in step by step teach you all different subjects to make you fully ready for the driving test. Most of our students make it to test between 35 to 45 driving lessons. We will also provide you with lots learning aid to help you grasp driving very easily and quickly.


Step 1 Before you start to drive

Age and Provisional Licence

You must be at least 17 years of age and have a valid provisional driving licence for Great Britain or Northern Ireland to drive a car. You can apply for the licence up to three months before your 17th birthday. As an exception, if you are receiving Higher Rate Disability Allowance, you can start at 16. 

Driving Licence are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVLA) or DVA in Northern Ireland. The application form D1 can be obtained from post office. Alternatively you can apply for provisional licence online at www.gov.uk


Step 2 Theory Test and Lessons

Theory test

After acquiring your provisional licence you can start taking driving lessons. While taking lessons you would need to pass your theory test so you can book your practial driving test. Theory test is made up of a multiple-choice part and a hazard perception part. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test.
Cost £23

Driving Lessons

On average, those who pass have had 35-47 hours of professional instruction. With Eastend you will learn all DVSA official syllabuses. 
Cost £20/23 an hour

Practical test

Once you have completed all DVSA syllabuses and you are confident then you would need to go for your practical driving test.
The cost of your practical test depends on the time and day. A weekday test is £62; tests held in the evening, weekend or bank holiday will set you back £75 in addition to this you will also pay your instructor for the day. Depending the test centre it would cost you around £70 to £80

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