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The Driviers Record

The driver's record” is based on the recommended syllabus for learning to drive and lists all the competencies necessary to safe driving. It will help a learner driver to see what progress they have made and identify the competencies yet to be covered.

Once the record is fully completed it will show that all the skills linked to safe driving have been covered to a satisfactory level and that the pupil is ready to take the test.

Use of the driver's record is currently voluntary however the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) are encouraging all driving instructors and candidates to make full use of the system. A recent study showed that those pupils who used the DVSA voluntary logbook achieved a higher pass rate than those who did not.

The driver's record has two separate parts. The first part is designed for the instructor to record detailed progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis. The second part is designed for the pupil to keep, to show progress toward each of the key competencies.

You can download a copy of both the pupil's and the instructor's part of the driver's record from the links below.

Driver's record (instructor's part)

This consists of an A4 sheet detailing the skills that need to be developed whilst learning to drive. A loose-leaf format allows you to use continuation sheets as required. This means that you can add additional sheets to reflect the number of lessons that each of your pupils require, dependent on their experience, ability and progress.

Marking system

A pupil's progress (or regression) is recorded by writing a number in the box alongside the relevant competence that corresponds with the level of ability demonstrated on that lesson.

There are five levels:

• introduced

• under full instruction

• prompted

• seldom prompted

• independent

The marks should only reflect the pupil's skill in that particular topic. Some competencies require more than one skill. For example, reversing includes observation, control and accuracy. Therefore the level recorded should reflect the overall performance for each competence on that lesson.

Some of the competencies listed in the pupil’s Driver's Record such as other traffic, junctions, reversing and parking are split into sub-topics in the instructor's part of the Record.

A three-level marking system is used for some of the competencies (instead of five levels) as these are more likely to be covered as theoretical subjects. `Under full instruction' and `Seldom prompted' are therefore not required.


The key competencies that make up the official recommended syllabus are tabulated and link to the skills that a pupil should master to demonstrate competence in that area. Under-pinning knowledge for each competence is listed along with the relevant source material.

Private practice

This sheet should be given to the pupil so that a record can be kept of any driving experience gained during any private practice sessions.

Research has shown that those who gain lots of experience in a wide variety of different situations and conditions, before taking a practical test, generally perform better on the test and go on to be safer drivers.