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pass plus course in east london

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What is Pass Plus?

Pass plus is a course specially designed for new drivers, created by the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) with the assistance insurance company and the driving schools industry. Pass plus is designed so it builds experience on top of your current skills and understanding, it will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards and can help you to become safer on the roads. Pass plus is made up of 6 realistic modules which comprise of:

Module 1 - Town driving

Driving in town can be intimidating: rush hour traffic, complex junctions and traffic systems. You will be taught the skills to contract with all of these and more

Module 2 - All-weather driving

Fog, rain, bright sunshine, snow and ice: discover how to drive securely in all the changed weather conditions you will come across on the road.
Cost £23

Module 3 - Driving out of town

Country roads can hold all types of hazards beginning from sharp bends and potholes to farm tractors also animals on the road 

Module 4 - Night driving

Dealing with dazzle, judging distance and speed, using your lights correctly - these are just some of the areas covered

Module 5 - Driving on dual carriageways

To drive safely on fast, multi-lane roads you'll need all your skills of observation, concentration, anticipation and lane discipline

Module 6 - Driving on Motorways

Motorways are like no other roads: learn how to drive on them safely and correctly under expert supervision 

Pass Plus Insurers
      1. AA Motor Insurers
      2. BSM Motor Insurance Services
      3. BTE Lawline
      4. Churchill Motor Insurance
      5. CISs
      6. Direct Line Car Insurance 
      7. Zurich Motor Insurance (Eagle Star)
      8. Norwich Union
      9. Privilege Insurance
      10. Provident
      11. Royal and SunAlliance
      12. Tesco Motor Insurers


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