Show me Tell me

In the beginning of your driving practical test you will be asked one ‘show me’ and one ‘tell me' questions out of 19 ‘Show me Tell me’ questions. If you get any one or both of them wrong it will count as one driving fault (minor). Please read all the questions. Your instructor will go through the questions with you before your test.

Show me tell me Questions and Answer with pictures
View pictures for all questions and answer. Pictures from Volks Wagen Polo.

Show me tell me questions and answer Video
Easy way to learn show me tell is by watching this great video made by Eastend driving school

Show me tell me questions Quiz
Test your knowledge with this quiz. Easy to play and a great way to learn

Show me tell me questions PDF Printable

Show me Tell me Word Document

An A4 handout containing all the Show Me Tell Me Questions & Answers and combinations. Simply print for a handy revision tool.