April 10 2018

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10 April 2018

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Choosing the car to learn to drive in

Sitting in the driver’s seat and learning to drive is an amazing feeling, however it can soon turn to be daunting and terrifying when you’re faced with a tough situation in an unsuitable car.  

The size of the car you use to learn to drive in is an important choice for you to make. A small car can make it easier to pass the driving test for you as it is easier to get the grip of it on the road and to manoeuvre it around.

Also, it is less difficult to reverse, do parallel parking, bay parking and makes other reversing exercises much simpler and stress-free.

Passed Your Driving Test

Don’t forget after you pass your driving test when choosing your first car, you need to think about safety, driving a small car would leave some room to prevent mistakes. You also need to take into consideration the price of your car insurance and road tax which will follow; these prices will depend on size of the car you drive. Hence, you need to be wise when making the choice.

There are further costs in the form of fuel and car maintenance so to make the best financial choice, it is advised you check which tax band the vehicle is in and the fuel consumption of the car as well.

The road tax guide can provide information on how to calculate road tax so you can figure out how much your road tax will be.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a car is whether you want a petrol or diesel car. The diesel vs. petrol guide can help you make this decision.

For those who are searching for an affordable car, read the list of cars under £1,000 to find a car in your price range.

Making The Right decision

At Eastend we’ve chosen the learner car to teach in that is suitable for you to learn in and to become safe and a confident driver on the road. Learn to drive with Eastend Driving School in Tower Hamlets and Docklands E14


Author Shahel Khan (Driving Instructor)


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