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Think Big Start Small Pass Fast. Think Big Start Small Pass Fast. Driving Lesson offers in Tower Hamlets and Docklands

Think Big Start Small Pass Fast
The size of the car you use to learn to drive in is an important choice for you to make. A small car can make it easier to pass the driving test for you as it is easier to get the grip of it on the road and to manoeuvre it around. Read more..

Driving Lesson offers in Tower Hamlets and Docklands

Our time is very flexible and price remains the same. We have slots for lessons from morning to evening including weekends throughout the year. This ensures a great amount of flexibility in picking the right time that suits you to take driving lessons. We also cover a huge area in East London including Docklands, Camry Wharf, Stepney Green and Bethnal Green.

single lesson Manual and Automatic

Pay as you go

Keep control of your budget by taking pay as you go lessons. You can switch to package whenever you want. Good: if you’re not sure how many lessons you may need.

Morning, Evening, Weekend only £25 BUY
introductory offers Manual and Automatic

Assessment Lesson

1 full hour. A chance for you to see if you and your instructor click and for you to experience Eastend Driving School. It is also our opportunity to show why you should choose us. We will evaluate your current driving skills and spend time discussing the right course for you and plan a course to suit you.

Morning, Evening, Weekend only £20 BUY
Special offers Manual & Automatic

Block Bookings

Most popular block booking packages. Excellent for new learners or someone who recently failed their test and needs more brushing up.

Morning, Evening, Weekend 20 hours £480 10 hours £240 5 hours £120 Savings up to £20 BUY
Amazing Gift Ideas Eastend gift card is a perfect gift for 17th birthday, Christmas and valentine. Eastend gift cards are Unique and unforgettable. Gift Cards are available for manual and automatic lessons. Gift cards can be used in Tower Hamlets, Docklands and Canary Wharf Morning, Evening, Weekend 2 hours £50 5 hours £120 10 hours £240 BUY
Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got questions about driving lessons, driving instructor or driving test? Sweet! We've got answers.

Key Benefits with eastend

Without doubt youll have many questions in mind that you want answer to before choosing a driving school. A few good reasons to choose us!


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show me tell me video lesson

Watch and learn Show Me Tell Me video tutorial. Easy and simple to understand and remember. Show Me Tell Me

Facts about Eastend Driving School

An experienced, all-star team

All our instructors are ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) and we do not employ PDI's to teach.

It’s fun so you learn better

Our lessons are interactive, practical and easy to follow - way more fun than a boring lecture.

Convenient and flexible

Jump in, jump out, go hang out with your friends. Our quality lessons work around your life.

Get all you need

You’ll learn the most up-to-date safe driving skills and the rules of the road so you can pass your driving test and be driving in no time!

About eastend in london

Since 1992, Eastend has grown to become one of the leading driving schools in Tower Hamlets. 

more than approved instructors

We have additional training for our instructors to make sure our students learn driving in the most up-to-date style.


Take your driving a new level


Our Instructors have vast experience in teaching new and nervous learners. So if you’re someone who is finding it difficult to learn how to drive, then Eastend is your solution. Our friendly instructors will make learning to drive more enjoyable by creating a relaxed atmosphere and not responding to mistakes as an accountability on you. We will make learning to drive fun and joyful. See the car just as a small toy car, when starting the lesson greet the car, say, “Hello metal monster lets go for a drive”. We use the best techniques and methods to improve your driving, because don’t forget it’s not just about passing the driving test but how to be a safe and confident driver on the road.

Friendly And Patient Instructors In Tower Hamlets

Are you looking for a friendly and patient driving instructor in East London? We understand the significance of quality of driving instructors, therefore we select and train our instructors wisely. Our professional instructors are DVSA trained and approved, set to support you on your way to driving test success. We have the best pass rate in East London, so come and take a look at our inspirational and calm approach towards learning to drive. Our Instructors will make sure you make steady progress, we challenge ourselves and are eager to make your driving experience fun and enjoyable. We are keen to help you become a safe and confident driver. At Eastend we are fully devoted to teaching you the DVSA curriculum and making sure the conduct is kept professional throughout. Not only will you get a driving instructor with great experience in teaching but also someone who can give you reliable and honest advice when needed. Learning to drive is easier when you’re learning with a calm and friendly instructor in a relaxed atmosphere, giving you the time and space to focus on making progress and building your confidence.

Safe Driving Lessons and Courses

Eastend Is where gaining safe driving skills begin, we offer a range of learner courses in East London, from New Learner Driving lessons to Advance Driving courses. Our driving Instructors are fully approved by DVSA (government agency responsible for administrating driving tests and training). We have flexible lesson options and an enthusiastic team waiting to go the extra mile to make sure that you become a safe and confident driver.

Most recommanded driving school in East London

Why choose us?
Eastend is one of the boroughs biggest. Here's what makes us and our professional in-car instruction different. We make it easy to learn how to drive safely and have helped over thousands become safer and better drivers.

Highly Trained Instructors.
We use proven teaching methods and tailor our lessons to your individual needs.
Safest Cars
We teach in specially equipped cars, which have top safety ratings.
Maximum Convenience
Scheduling is simple, and we'll pick you up for your lesson."
Amazing offers
including discounts on block bookings and gift cards. "

Service We Provide in East London

Driving school covering Tower Hamlets borough. All our instructors are fully qualified grade A and B. If you’re looking for reliable qualified DVSA instructors then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have a variety of driving courses, but also courses that are reasonably priced. We teach from 9AM till 8PM, 7 days a week, so we can provide lessons at a time that suits you. Areas we cover include: Docklands, Canary Wharf Stepney Wapping and thewhole of Tower Hamlets.

New Learners in Tower Hamlets

Services we provide include teaching pupils manual and automatic transmission who have never drove before, someone who has some driving experience or drove in another country, or someone whose licence has been revoked or ordered to do an extended driving test by the court. We also provide lessons for passed drivers who passed their test recently and want to continue gaining more experience, also those who haven’t driven for a while and feel a bit rusty and want to refresh their driving, or someone who has been involved in an accident and wants to gain their confidence back before going back on the road.

Discount Price For Driving Lessons in Docklands and Canary Wharf

The type of courses we have are Pay-as-you-go, so this is perfect for someone who is just starting to learn to drive and wants to pay per lesson. It is an ideal way of learning for anyone. We also provide Block booking lessons; you’ll get a very good discount on block booking, the more you block book the bigger the discount will be. Our courses are ideal for most learners’ especially new learners who know they will need few lessons before they are test ready. Intensive courses are designed to get you the licence in a short time – it might be more expensive than other courses. Pass plus courses are for someone who recently passed their test and wants to gain more experience. Refresher courses are ideal for someone who hasn’t driven for a while or has been involved in an accident and wants to regain confidence or someone who hasn’t driven in London before.

Driving School Reviews in East London

Our customers have given us amazing reviews. We are committed to providing the best service to our students and embedding safe driving practices, which has helped us to reach the reputation we have – building safe driving practices with the guidance of highly qualified instructors.