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Approved DVSA Driving Instructors
All our driving instructors are highly qualified and graded B or above by the DVSA. Our instructors will guide you and build your confidence, encourage you and improve your skills. Unlike most other driving schools we don’t use trainee instructors. As a result you'll be fully equipped, with all the skills and confidence you’ll need for when it matters like during your driving test and after, in less time.

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Start your journey with us. Our lessons are fun, easy and enjoyable. We will take your driving to a new level, starting from new beginner to all the way to getting your pink license and continue to advance you’re driving from motorway to city driving. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Our professional, friendly instructors provide lessons around Tower Hamlets, Newham, Redbridge and surroundings.

Take your driving a new level

Eastend Driving School is not like any other driving school. We have a unique approach to teaching driving. We can assure the highest standards and aim to reach even higher quality in teaching to learn driving. Benefit from our unique teaching skills and outstanding pass rate. Learn With Eastend

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Eastend Driving School in East London Lessons With Qualified Instructors

Eastend Is where safe driving skills begin, we offer a range of learner courses in East London, from New Learner Driving lessons to Advance Driving courses. Our driving Instructors are Approved by DVSA (government agency responsible for administrating driving test and training).

We have flexible lesson options and an enthusiastic team waiting to go the extra mile for you to make sure that you become safe and confident driver.

Welcome nervous learners

Our Instructors have enormous experience teaching nervous learners. So if you feel you are a nervous learner then you are welcome to start learning with us. Our friendly instructors are there to remind you that driving is fun once you get the grip on driving.

We will make learning to drive more joyful, we will remind you not to take things too seriously and not to respond to mistakes as accountability on you. Don’t forget it’s not about just passing the driving test but to learn to be safe driver on road and to enjoy driving. Make it fun and have a very joyful mood. See the car just as a small toy car, when starting lesson greet the car, say Hello metal monster lets go for a drive.

Friendly and Patient Driving Instructors

Are you looking around for a friendly and patient driving instructor in East London? We understand the significant in driving instructors, therefore we select and train our instructors wisely. Our professional instructors are DVSA trained and approved, set to support you on your way to driving test success. Hence we have of the best pass rate in East London.

Come and take a look at our inspirational and calm approach towards learning to drive. Our Instructors will make sure you make steady progress, we challenge ourselves and are eager to see an enjoyable driving experience.  We are there to help you on the way to become a safe and confident driver. We want you to look at driving in a fun and enjoyable way. We want you to take a fun perspective in learning a serious matter. Learning to Driving should be made fun and enjoyable. We are fully devoted to teaching you the DVSA curriculum and making sure the conduct is kept professional throughout.

Not only will you get a driving instructor with great experience in teaching but also someone who can give you reliable and honest advice when need it.  Learning to drive is easier when you’re learning with a calm and friendly instructor in a relaxed atmosphere, giving you time and space to focus on progress and building confidence.