Eastend Driving School: Driving Lessons in Docklands E14

At Eastend Driving School, we train you to become a highly-skilled responsible driver who values safety on the road. We believe that intelligent driving is a combination of skills, discipline, and awareness. Our focus is to teach the proper way to drive following safe driving principles.

Driving can be daunting to learners of different skills level but it should not be something to be frightened about. We want you to enjoy the lessons and be motivated to learn. We understand that you might struggle with the more advanced lessons, but our training is designed to encourage and motivate you.

DVSA-Approved Instructors

You’ll find that our DVSA-approved driving instructors are some of the best in the industry. Our instructors are friendly and highly-trained to teach driving theories and explain them clearly and succinctly. They are from East London so they know the streets and the roads like the back of their hands. They know when the roads get busy and when the traffic flows smoothly. Through driving lessons in Docklands E14, our instructors will teach you how to navigate the Eastend roads in different driving conditions.

Our simplified teaching method will help prepare you to pass the theory test on the first try. You’ll learn everything from driving theories to hazard perception. We make sure that our teaching would match individual learners’ needs. Our driving coaches are highly qualified to teach driving techniques that will help you become an excellent driver in no time.


Driving School in Eastend Docklands

Eastend Driving School serves the Docklands and neighbouring areas. If you live in the area, you’d know how busy the roads can be at certain times of the day. It could be a little bit tricky to navigate the roundabouts. Even expert drivers can find this very challenging so we know how difficult it can be for new learners.

This is why by taking driving lessons in Docklands E14, we are exposing you to different driving situations and weather conditions so that you can experience actual road scenarios whilst a driving coach is around. This way, when you’re driving by yourself, you’ll know what to do and make sound decisions.

Driving Lessons in Docklands E14

Whether you are a new learner or someone needing a refresher lesson, Eastend Driving School Docklands will give you the training you need to become the best driver you can be no matter where you drive.

We offer different lessons based on skill level and learners’ needs. Advanced courses and specialised training are provided as well.


New Learner Lessons

As a new learner, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will prepare you to pass your driving test. With our high first-time pass rate, you’ll be on your way to getting your driver’s licence and driving around Eastend Docklands.


Learning at your own pace is possible by signing up for 6 or 10-hour block booking. If you want to get a feel of the lessons first, you can opt for the 2-hour Pay As You Go lessons. Either way, you’ll be getting quality driving lessons.

Automatic Driving Lessons

This lesson are designed for learners who have haven’t been previously trained to drive a manual transmission and want to learn automatic transmission. Although learning automatic is generally easy, you’d want to learn things the right way. On that end, we can help learners get familiarised with automatic cars so that they can learn how to drive them confidently in the roads of Docklands.

By booking this course, your transition from automatic to manual transmission will be much easier and quicker if you choose to in future. You will also learn what’s unique about cars with automatic transmission so that you’ll know what to do should problems arise. By the end of the course, you will learn to drive with confidence when traffic is hectic and crazy.

Our driving lessons in Docklands E14 will help you learn the correct way to drive so your skills will be up to par with the latest standards. You will also learn about the latest traffic laws and regulations so you can avoid getting fines. Armed with driving skills and knowledge, you’ll be driving on the busy roads of Docklands with ease.

Intensive Courses

these courses are designed to help learner drivers further develop and improve their driving skills so that it would be up to par with the current driving test standards.


  • Learners who have previously failed their test can benefit from taking our intensive course. The focus is on correcting mistakes and improving driving habits so that by the time the test comes, learners will be confident in their driving skills.
  • It’s also great for drivers who need to fast-track their driving skills so that they can take the test and get their licence.
  • This is also perfect for foreign drivers and learners who are new to Eastend in general or Docklands in particular.
  • We offer 10, 20, 30, and 45 hours of intensive training so you can choose the one that best suits your training needs.

Refershers Couerses

Refresher Lessons. If you have not driven a vehicle for a long period of time, you may take refresher driving lessons. The volume of cars on the road today has increased and is still growing at a rapid rate. If it has been a while since your last drive around Docklands, you need to brush on your driving skills.

This course will get you up to speed on the latest changes and additions to the traffic rules and regulations. If you’ve been off the road, you will be re-introduced to driving so that you can familiarize yourself with new routes and road dynamics.

This is also the course for you if you feel that you have developed bad driving habits because you were not properly trained by a professional driving instructor. If you have accumulated a number of fines and penalties as a result of bad driving, you need a refresher course from Eastend Driving School Docklands and be a responsible and safe driver.

Pass Plus Course

This is a 6-hour course designed for drivers who want to upgrade their current skills and knowledge with a special focus on safety by learning on how to deal with hazards. At the end of the course, you will learn to identify potential and real road hazards and you’ll know how to act accordingly. This will make you a better driver and avoid untoward road incidents.