Learn to drive from some of the best instructors in Isle of Dogs

Learn to drive with a good driving instructor who is experienced, knowledgeable and has the ability to understand you, so that you and your instructor can click! Learning and being able to get a grip on the roads will be a pleasant experience, easy as well as heaps of fun.

Learn from some of the best driving instructors in East London, highly graded by the DVSA. Let professional instructors show you the way to your freedom, making your driving safe and enjoyable.

Knows Every curve in Isle of Dogs

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Learning to drive near Canary Wharf Isle of Dogs


As some of the most experienced driving instructors in East London, it gives us a deep satisfaction to pass on our expertise and make every pupil a safer and more responsible driver on our roads. Be it safe driving skills, defensive driving or eco-friendly driving, we know all the tips and tricks and would love to work as a team to not only get you to pass your driving test but make you a safe and confident driver for life.

Potholes, carve points, bumps in Isle of Dogs – we know it all! And we will teach you how to manoeuvre around them all too, another benefit of learning with your local friendly driving instructors..

Since 1992, Eastend driving school has earned respect and a good reputation for teaching responsible and safe driving throughout East London.

With Eastend you’ll find that learning to drive is enjoyable and fun. You’ll find encouragement, inspiration and motivation. We will give you the courage and help you to pursue your freedom and independence. And you’ll find us patient and friendly in achieving your goals.

Eastend driving school offers quality courses in Isle of Dogs. We offer an array of courses customizable to suit your need and time, all at a competitive price. Have a look at some of the most popular courses in your area listed below.


Taster lesson in Isle of Dogs

Whether you’re keen to start your journey in becoming a safe driver or sharpening your skills before going to test, the best way to start and find out more about Eastend driving school is to experience it yourself. We will welcome you and be happy to answer any questions you may have, and plan a course that will best suit you. You’ll test the car you’ll learn in and see if you and your instructor click. So why not book a taster lesson with us today ?


New learner lessons in Isle of Dogs E14

Start your journey to becoming a safe driver and passing your driving test with us. Whether you’ve never driven before or had a few lessons, we will guide you through the process of getting your full UK driving licence.

You can choose from pay-as-you-go or block-booking lessons. Check out some of our fantastic packages here.


Intensive driving course

If you’re in a hurry to tick off your driving test from the ‘to-do list’, we can help you get your licence fast! We have various courses to suit your needs. We will customize a course for you depending on your specific previous experience. Speak to one of our friendly staff for more information. You can call us or chat on whatsapp.


Frequently Asked Questions in Isle of Dogs


Will my instructor pick me up from home for my lessons?

Yes, we will pick you up and drop you off to any address in Tower Hamlets.

Do you teach in automatic or manual cars?

We have both manual and automatic cars. You can choose either, or switch to either whenever you want. All our prices for manual and automatic lessons are the same.

More Frequently asked questions 

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