Intensive driving course in Docklands E14 and Canary Wharf


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Want to find out more about driving courses? How we operate driving lessons and courses? Or select our instructors? The Answers to these questions and lot more can be found below.

Intensive Driving Courses

Our driving instructor will teach you all required DVSA syllabuses to get your driving to test standard and safe driving standard. The practical driving test itself is conducted by DVSA driving examiner, DVSA is a government body. The examiner will assess your driving on the day and will decide if you’re safe to drive independently. Hence there’s no driving instructor or driving school can guarantee a 100% pass.    

Our intensive courses are offered in different time-scale depending on your current level of skills.

If you have previous experience and just want some intense brushing up before going to test you could do take our 2-3 days 10 hours package.

If you’re not sure how many hours of lesson you’ll need, then don’t worry you can do an assessment lesson with us where we can assess your current skills and tell you which package will best suit you.  

Intensive driving course is suitable for everyone. However, cramping up 40 hours of driving lessons and all DVSA syllabuses in a week or two can be little stressful for some, in that case we can help you spread the time bit more.  

If you’re good with coping with bit of stress and have flexibility with time then intensive course is right choice for you.   

Learner Lessons

Yes, we teach in automatic.  Learning in automatic is normally much faster and simpler than a manual car but keep in mind once you’ve passed your driving test you can only drive an automatic car.  

DVSA advises to take at least 47 hours of professional tuition before going to practical test. Every person is different and hence the pace of learning differ pupil to pupil. Eastend instructors will try their utmost best to get you to a safe standard and test ready in most efficiently as possible. Our instructors are trained to adapt with each individual need, so we will always find efficient way to train you to become safe and test standard as soon as possible.

Yes, we do, these are very popular times and do get booked quick. On some of the packages/course the price may differ too, when you select evening or weekend option, you’ll see the price for the weekend and evening  price.