Limehouse E14 and Docklands

Limehouse Driving School: learning to drive in East London the smart way

Learning to drive can be scary, especially on the busy streets of our capital city and around Limehouse. Luckily, there’s a company that makes it a lot easier – Eastend. Established in 1992 we’ve had years of experience on the roads of Limehouse. We know every turn and curve, have seen the way people drive and the best ways to stay safe.

With us, you can learn to drive in total confidence with our friendly and professional driving instructors. Each and every member of our team has spent many hours with first time learners, nervous drivers and those who are just getting back to the road. Whatever your situation, we’ve already driven that path and we’re ready to take you along the route at whatever speed you need (as long as you aren’t breaking the speed limits).

Limehouse to M25

It might seem tempting to get a more out of town driver, but for the best and most authentic experience, we recommend a East London drive. You are going to have to do it daily so why not do it with a qualified instructor by your side? Not to mention, having experiences in inner city traffic and around Limehouse, on wider roads and one-way streets will give you a confidence boost like no other. We are certain that with us at your side as you learn you’ll go from trainee to conquering the M25 and beyond! Start your adventure today.

Limehouse to M25 : Start your journey with Eastend

Special offer for limehouse e14

Try out one full hour lesson with us and see if you like our car, instructor and teaching style. We will also help you set a plan for your driving lessons. Assess your driving, pin point your weakness and strength and set a plan to pass your driving test and become a safe and confident driver in Limehouse E14