Learning to drive in East London

Eastend Driving School in East London, where your journey to freedom begins. We are based in East London and cover most of the areas in East London, from Tower Hamlets all the way to the end of Redbridge.

We aim to bring out very best in our pupils, our sole aim is to make your driving safe so that you can enjoy your freedom independently on the roads.

East London is part of one of the world’s busiest cities and the roads can be very hectic at times. Therefore, knowledge of the local routes come in great use; this is where Eastend shines the most. Our experienced instructor, second to none and with vast amount of local knowledge held will make sure you become a world class driver.

Our instructors are from East London and hence have vast amount of knowledge of the area and all the test centres in it. Test centres include Goodmayes, Wanstead and Barking, some amongst the biggest in the country.

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