Is intensive course right choice for me?

Intensive driving course in Docklands

Normal driving lessons could take up to months or sometimes even a year before you pass your practical driving test. On the other hand, if you were to do an intensive driving course with Eastend driving school you can get your licence within weeks, we have courses for 5 days too.

DVSA advices to take minimum of 45 hours of professional tuition before going for your practical driving test. Therefore, intensive driving courses are getting more popular now-a-days, which can save you more money and for sure time.

Our blog will help you answer some of the tough questions you may have before deciding which course may best suit you.

What is Intensive course?

Intensive Driving Course Aka ‘Fast Track Course’ Crash Course’ ‘Fast Pass’ essentially it means squashing all in a very short amount of time than usual driving lessons courses, which can take months or even years.

For you to qualify for an intensive driving course you’ll need to hold a provisional licence. It is best to pass your theory test before starting intensive course, Eastend can help and advice you on the theory test if required. For the practical test booking we will take care of that.  

If you live in Docklands, Tower Hamlets then its good but if you live somewhere else it’s not a problem, we will meet you at most convenient place, mostly near the test centre area or a convenient Underground station like Canary Wharf.  

You can start with an assessment lesson where we will demonstrate to you what are the essentials you need and give you step by step guide on how it all works.

We have step by step guide to help you. You can contact us via contact-form, whatsapp or give us a call.  

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