Should I Take An Intensive Driving Course?

Intensive driving course vs normal driving lessons in ast london

Learning how to drive is a basic skill that everyone should have. The conventional method of learning is to take one lesson every week for several weeks till you completely learn. Although, this helps in lowering your cost and spreading it out but long gaps in between lessons can make you forget what you previously learned. It is a much more time consuming process.

An intensive course in East London however will aid you in learning much more quickly. You will get your license much quicker, as you won’t have to wait several weeks to first learn and then apply for a driving license and wait more then too to finally drive. It has a higher pass rate and you are guaranteed to pass your driving test after an intensive course.

Why you should take an intensive driving course?

Many people don’t prefer an intensive course as they think it costs more, but in reality you are saving money by paying once and learning quickly instead of spreading your cost over several weeks. It helps you learn better and retain information effectively as lessons are not far apart. It is good for people who want to brush up their driving skills, or have driving experience but lack formal training.

Eastend Driving School provides intensive courses. We are located at Tower Hamlets, Docklands Canary Wharf. Our course will help you to learn how to drive in less than a week. Imagine the amount of time you are saving by taking this course instead of learning the conventional way.

Pros of taking an intensive course with Eastend

  • Our course is very simple and easy to learn
  • You will have all the knowledge in a short amount of time
  • All you need is a provisional license and pass the theory test, you can leave the rest up to us
  • We cater to individual needs and revolve around what days and timings are flexible for you
  • Eastend provides expert instructors who will patiently guide you through the whole process
  • Safety comes first, we provide safe driving lessons
  • Different types of intensive courses to suit your needs
  • If you live in Docklands, then it will be very convenient for you to register with us, however if you are situated somewhere else too then that’s not a problem as we will come to you
  • We find and book a driving test for you
  • Our lessons are practical, interactive and easy to follow

Our aim is to provide a safe and quality experience to all our customers and help you with your driving skills. It is the quickest way to passing a driving test or relearning your driving skills if you haven’t driven for quite a while. Our courses are individually tailored to suit your needs and we provide an enjoyable learning experience. To find out more about this driving school in East london, you can visit our website or give us a call and our staff will be at your disposal.

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