Is It Quicker To Learn To Drive An Automatic Car?

Is It Quicker To Learn To Drive An Automatic Car?

Automatic cars are easier to learn in

Here today we will be discussing about learning to driving in automatic car in Docklands. How many times is it that we have heard driving an automatic car is far easier than driving a manual one? And there is no argument about it, because it is true. Hence, driving a manual car means having a manual program, which is that the person driving has to keep on changing gears by using the gear stick and the clutch, however this is not the case with an automatic car. In other words, these automatic cars have an automatic program, so when there is a need to change to gear, the mechanism is capable of doing it itself, without needing the driver to do it manually.

The question being, is it quicker to learn to drive an automatic car?

Everyone has their own learning and adapting speed. Some become pros in no time, and some might take years to get a grip on it. Therefore, some are very smooth with parallel parking, and some, on the other hand, sweat at the thought of it. So, it generally depends on person to person.

Let us talk about the pros and cons of both the cars, which will give us a clear picture in or heads.

Pros of Manual Car

  • It gives driver a more sense of control
  • If one learns to drive a manual car, he or she can easily drive an automatic one too.
  • It helps you learn more skills and be smoother in driving.
  • Also, when automatic cars are so much in demand these days, buying a manual car can be cheap and it is cheaper to fix as well as compared to an automatic car.
  • Manual cars are fuel efficient.

Cons of driving a manual car

  • Manual cars can be very difficult when stuck in traffic, changing gears time and time again, can be an actual task.
  • Many beginners have left the idea of driving all together once they started learning to drive a manual one because it can be very overwhelming. Keeping eyes on the roads while changing gears and switching clutches in between can be very distracting.

Pros of an Automatic car

  • It is easier to learn. The idea of driving an automatic car is like driving a dodging car in amusement parks.
  • It is quicker to get a grip on
  • Driving an automatic car in traffic is far easier than driving a manual one

Cons of driving an Auomaic car

  • Those who learn driving by driving an automatic will not be able to drive a manual one unless they specifically learn how to drive one.
  • It is less fuel efficient.

However, talking with experience, learning to drive an automatic car is far easier and quicker than learning to drive a manual one. Why is that so, if you may ask? It’s simple, in an automatic car, all one has to do majorly is focus on the road. However, with a manual car, one has to learn how to focus on the road while learning how and when to change gears in between, which takes a lot of time and practice. We provide with safe and quality lessons in east London and Dockland for beginners who are nervous to drive an automatic car. We ensure 100% safety and results!

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