Learning to drive in Tower Hamlets

Learning to drive in Tower Hamlets

Driving lessons, does it matter where you live?

Simple answer is NO. However, having a good instructor with good knowledge of the area and experience will matter. For instance, different roads and area have different challenges and hazards. Hence, an experience driving instructor will be able to start you off in the right direction. He will be able to develop your skills so that you can start driving from home in few lessons.

In most cases you won’t be able to start driving from home in the first few lessons. So, you’ll need at least 10 to 15 mins to get to a good quiet location, which is suitable for topic you’ll be learning.  Subsequently, a good driving instructor with knowledge of the area will be able to pinpoint and plan your lessons effectively.

It’s important that roads you drive in are suitable for the topic you are learning otherwise it can harm your confidence. Again, knowledge and experience come in great use for an instructor to plan your lessons effectively so you get the most out of your lesson.

Example Lesson plans

In Tower Hamlets there are many places to list few here: For a beginner who lives close to Docklands or E14, Isle of Dogs is an excellent location for learning to drive. There are few roads for learning moving of and stopping subject. Moving on to next stage there are good T junctions, with medium surrounding challenges prefect for developing in to next stage. Cross Roads with road marking are well marked and reasonable size for positioning correctly, mostly right turns can be done using near-side method. Also, there are few roundabouts to get you started with basics. Using up to 3rd gear is perfectly fine. Speed limit in the area is 20 MPH.

Also, there are other places in Tower Hamlets which are good for beginners’ lessons, Stepney Green, where there are plenty of cross roads and mini roundabout, Victoria Park for roundabouts, Bethnal Green for medium routes good for developing hazard perception skills and dealing with controlled cross roads, pedestrian crossings.  

In conclusion,  those are few tips and lessons plan ideas in Tower Hamlets. Eastend driving instructors have excellent knowledge of the area and its surrounding. Most importantly,   your instructor will plan lessons accordingly keeping in mind to develop your skills to deal with all road and traffic situations and make you a safe confident driver.

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