Overcoming the fear of learning to drive

Cartoon picture, instructor help a frightened learner

Learning to drive can ignite many emotions most are good but unfortunately some can be dreadful and scary. Whether its fear of starting something new, fear you won’t do well, anxiety or phobia, there are many reasons for fear of learning to drive. If you’re worried of starting to learn to drive then know you’re not alone.  Here are some common reasons and some ways of overcoming your fears that you can try to help you learn to drive and overcome your fears.

Some common fears

While emotion can go wild and can manifest in many ways. While some people have just simple reason and others more complicated of fearing to learn to drive. Here are some examples, driving fast, worried of losing steering or clutch control, night driving, being stuck in awkward meeting situation in narrow road. Keep in mind for majority people it’s more likely to be just anxiety of sitting on the driver seat.

The causes of fear to learn to drive

There’s no one answer to all the problems as some just develops and goes away naturally and some are just built in us. One reason that triggers many is the fact you’re taking on a huge responsibility as well as your own safety and others. Many pupils don’t feel confident wit their own skills and ability. While other causes of fear could be just simple as travel fear. Fear of travelling and transportation, idea of movement. Also, a very common cause is previous experience being involved in accident or knowing someone who has been involved. There are also many with the problem of sitting and driving in a closed small space. Finally, its also the thought of being involved in accident.

Some practical solutions

Good news is most of those mentioned fears are curable, though some may take longer than other. Sometimes it can be as simple as switching to a new car you learn in or learning with a different instructor.

Some tips, try not go driving lesson on empty stomach or have too much caffeine as they can trigger nerves, no, no red bull doesn’t always give wings. Try to sleep well and don’t do driving lessons when you’re on sleep deprived.  

Manage your stress, use yoga technics, breathing technics while sitting in the driver seat.

Focus on your lesson, tell your instructors of your fears and start learning from quite roads and slowly build up to it.

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